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Logitech announces <i>yet another</i> Harmony remote

Logitech announces yet another Harmony remote

Logitech yesterday announced the Harmony 670, the company's latest Web-programmable universal remote. According to the company's press release, it's available now for $150. But the bigger question is: is this just one too many Harmony remotes?

Don't get me wrong: we love the Harmony line, and we've recommended just about every recent model they've released. But it's becoming harder and harder to distinguish among them, especially because many of the years-old models are still available for sale. Moreover, the street prices of Logitech products tend to be below--often far below--the suggested retail price, so many mid- and high-end Harmony models can be had for about the same price, if not less. For instance, the three 500-series Harmony models can all be purchased for less than $150 (and even less than $100), and the Harmony 720 and Harman Kardon TC 30--which is essentially a Harmony clone--are available for under $200. (And we're not even mentioning the higher-end 880, 890, and 1000 models.)

For what it's worth, the 670 is a throwback to the peanut-style design found on earlier 600-series Harmony models--all of which remain available online for $80 to $150. That said, the 670 looks to have a sleeker appearance than those older models. For instance, Logitech is touting its DVR-optimized button layout and improved directional pad.

We haven't reviewed the 670 yet, but the odds are that comparing it to its siblings will be an exercise in personal ergonomic preference. If you prefer the TiVo-style peanut design, the 670 may be right up your alley. Personally, I'd splurge for the Harmony 720 or Harman Kardon TC 30. Aside from their flatter design (which I like), both of them have color screens and recharging docks--two features that are well worth the extra $50.