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Logic3 i-Station IS10: Wake up to a subwoofer

The i-Station IS10 is an iPod-docking alarm clock that houses a 2.1-channel audio setup. You won't be tempted to send this clock hurtling across the bedroom of a morning

What's the difference between an alarm clock and another alarm clock? Nothing. That's right, nothing. They disturb our tranquil slumber with their irate, buzzing ringer that is single-handedly provoking more pre-8am violence than any other product in existence. So what's the remedy? How about attaching something to your alarm clock that you don't want to hurl at the closest wall, such as your iPod? To make waking up all the more enjoyable, why not throw a subwoofer into the mix too?

Logic3 has kindly decided to build an iPod-docking alarm clock that comes complete with 2.1-channel sound. While not boasting the most inspiring of designs, the i-Station IS10 politely promises to wake us from our snoozing with a song from our favourite playlist, played with what we expect to be good-quality audio performance compared to most alarm clocks. And enough bass to wake the dead.

At £70 you're not going to be tempted to send it hurtling towards the floor either. The i-Station IS10 will be on sale early in May and we expect it to be a cute contender in the battle for bearable early morning wake-up calls. -Nate Lanxon