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Loco for NTT DoCoMo superphones

CNET takes a look at some the advanced handsets from Japanese cell phone provider NTT DoCoMo at 2008 GSMA Mobile World Congress.

Bonnie Cha Former Editor
Bonnie Cha was a former chief correspondent for CNET Crave, covering every kind of tech toy imaginable (with a special obsession for robots and Star Wars-related stuff). When she's not scoping out stories, you can find her checking out live music or surfing in the chilly waters of Northern California.
Bonnie Cha
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Yesterday, I finally got a chance just to walk around the vast halls of Fira de Barcelona and really take in the sights of 2008 GSMA Mobile World Congress. While doing so, I stumbled upon NTT DoCoMo's booth and ended up spending a fair bit of time there, wandering in awe. For those of you who don't know, NTT DoCoMo is Japan's leading cell phone provider, and they have got some amazing devices. There are ones that you can fully submerge in water. There are gaming and mobile TV handsets, and I know we've got those in the United States too, but I would actually use the DoCoMo ones for those purposes; the features aren't half-baked. There are high-fashion phones, wellness phones (don't ask), and fitness phones. Hell, even some of the models for youth are more advanced than the ones we have. We all know that Japan and Asia in general are ahead of the times when it comes to technology, but you get a sense that they've really embraced how technology can enrich their lives. It seems as if the cell phone manufacturers have developed devices for every type of lifestyle.

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To that end, I've been trying to observe some of the cell phone habits here in Barcelona, and it seems that the Spaniards use their mobiles much like we do in the United States. They're mostly ways to keep in touch with family and friends, whether it be through text messages or calls. No one has anything fancy--a good mix of slider, flip, and candy bar style phones. Anyway, if you're curious or feel like torturing yourself, I'll be putting together a slide show next week of some of the cool DoCoMo phones I saw here at GSMA.