Locatorz app finds you on an OS map

Locatorz installs on Nokias and BlackBerries and pin-points your location on an Ordinance Survey map, allowing companies to keep track of their employees and grandmas

Flora Graham

Locatorz takes ramblers-favourite Ordnance Survey maps and turns them into slightly ominous people-tracking tools.

Install the app on a Nokia Series 60 phone or BlackBerry and you can use it to track your "employees or loved ones", says Locatorz -- unless you're a Tory MP and your loved ones are your employees.

Locatorz uses Ordnance Survey maps, so your pizza-delivery guy's boss can see whether he's stuck on a cattle grid or taking a detour around the Roman ruins.

The company says that for people such as taxi drivers, who have to visit dodgy locations where their safety could be at risk, being able to track them makes them safer.

It also suggests that tracking your kids within 10m gives them freedom while soothing your Daily Mail-fuelled panic -- although knowing your parents are ogling your choice of public footpath isn't our idea of freedom. 'Elderly parents or relatives' are also suggested targets users.

The service costs £57.50 per year from Locatorz' Web site and you can install it on as many mobiles as you can morally and legally get your hands on.