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Live traffic videos coming to your mobile

Taiwan's Asia Pacific Broadband Wireless Communications (APBWA) on Friday launched video-streaming service that allows customers to view real-time pictures of traffic movement on their handsets. APBWA has set up an initial network of 42 cameras at congested areas in Taiwan that will enable subscribers to watch real-time traffic videos on their mobile phones, using CDMA (code division multiple access) technology, the company said. Several Asian wireless carriers are introducing video services on their networks. But so far, wireless multimedia applications have been used primarily for entertainment.

"APBW is taking wireless video to a new level by addressing real customer needs, such as traffic monitoring," Dale Park, president of Thin Multimedia, a software company based in San Jose, Calif., said. In addition to traffic monitoring, the Taiwan company is offering services such as multiple categories of video-on-demand, video match-making and video mail.