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Little voice: O Cube Mobispeaker

The world's tiniest MP3 player gets the world's tiniest MP3 player speaker. It's a match made in mini music heaven

If everything in your world must be small enough to swallow in an emergency, you'll love the O Cube Mobispeaker. Jammed together like two mating sugar cubes, this MP3 player and speaker pairing would make the perfect valentines' gift.

Measuring a mere 25mm by 25mm, these are speakers dying to be wrapped in OXO cube foil and smuggled through South Korean customs. It's either smuggling or mail order if you want to get your hands on these joy boxes, as they're being sold exclusively in South Korea for 22,000 wong -- that's around £13.

If you're prepared to forgo the aesthetic ying-yang harmony of Mobispeaker-MobiBLU coitus, then you can also plug this speaker into a standard MP3 player. The Mobispeaker has an internal amplifier powered by an internal battery that can be recharged via USB.

Those who are tired of the iPod nano sociopolitical elite flaunting all the booty should get their hands on this little combo. -CS