LinkedIn will let you test, display skills for employers

Show off your mad skills.

CNET News staff
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LinkedIn is introducing skill tests.

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LinkedIn wants to help you tout your skills. On Tuesday, the resume-sharing site said it's introducing LinkedIn Skills Assessments, a tool that validates members' proficiency for potential employers.

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Congratulations. You have mad skills.


LinkedIn Skills Assessments requires members to take tests in skills that are associated with their profiles. Skills could include proficiency with a program, such as Adobe Photoshop, or knowledge of a programming language, like Java. The Microsoft-owned professional network will roll out tests for coding languages, design software and commonly used business tools over the coming weeks.

If you pass a test, LinkedIn will let you post a badge on your profile in Recruiter or Jobs. Passing requires a score of 70% or more. LinkedIn will also send you recommendations for jobs that require those skills. 

LinkedIn keeps the results private. If you don't pass, you can brush up on your skills and try again.

The professional network found in a survey that 69% of its members consider their skills more important than their college education when it comes to job-seeking. It also said 76% of those surveyed wanted a way for hiring managers to verify their skills.

LinkedIn has roughly 645 million users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.