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LG Wing: Video of LG's supposed wacky swiveling phone leaked

You do you, LG.

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The LG V60 ThinQ.

Angela Lang/CNET

On Sept. 2, LG announced its Sept. 14 event in which the company will "deliver distinctive and yet unexplored usability experiences." Rumors beforehand speculated the South Korean device maker will launch a unique phone called the LG Wing, which features a swiveling screen that lies on top of another screen. LG's own video for the presser further corroborated the rumor by featuring graphics of two rectangles rotating and aligning on top of one another.

More recently, however, a YouTube video posted on Sept. 7 features the supposed LG Wing in action. The video starts out with the phone already in a T-shape form and a user rotates the screen on top with one hand so that it snaps vertically and aligns with the display on the bottom. The interface of the phone also appears typical of the UIs featured on LG phones.

We cannot confirm that this is actual footage of LG's new phone and the company did not immediately respond to a request for comment. But LG is no stranger to trying out new things -- sometimes to a fault. 

In 2016 it released the modular LG G5, which enabled users to swap out key hardware components, like the battery, for other accessories. In 2014 LG had the G Flex, a 6-inch phone with a contoured display. Both phones weren't exactly top sellers and LG discontinued exploring those endeavors for more traditional flagship phones like the current LG G8 ThinQ. The company hasn't altogether killed its experimental streak, however. Even the aforementioned LG G8 works with a unique secondary screen accessory that doubles the size of its display.

Phones with swiveling displays also aren't new to the industry. The VX9400 from 2007, for example, is an early example of an LG phone with a similar design. I myself owned a beloved Nokia 7370, which featured a screen that swiveled out as smoothly as a switchblade comb

In any case, CNET will be reporting on LG's Sept. 14 event, so check with us soon for details on LG's new phone.