LG V40 ThinQ preorders are open now, begins to ship Oct. 16

You can reserve the new LG phone now.

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The phone has a triple camera on the back.

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LG unveiled its LG V40 ThinQ on Oct. 3, and you can preorder it right now.

The phone is available through a handful of carriers and retail locations. Here are some of the places you can preorder it and how much it'll cost:

  • AT&T ($950 or $31.67/month for 30 months)
  • Sprint ($960 or $20/month lease for 18 months)
  • T-Mobile ($920 or $200 down and $30/month for 24 months)
  • Verizon ($980 or $32.49/month for 24 months)
  • US Cellular ($900 or $25/month for 30 months)
  • Best Buy ($950 or $39.60/month for 24 months)
  • B&H Photo ($950)

Preordered phones will ship out to customers starting Oct. 16 (with AT&T) and continue throughout the week.

Some of these companies have promotions when you preorder the phone, so it's worth checking out a few options before you buy. Right now you can get a DJI Gimbal and a 256GB microSD card if you preorder through most of the sites above. There are also some carrier specific promotions, like buy one get one free through AT&T or get $200 off through Verizon (terms apply for both).

But even with a promotion, the LG V40 ThinQ is still an expensive phone. LG's V ThinQ series includes some of the brand's most premium devices and the V40 is no different. The phone comes with five cameras total (two on the front and three on the back) and a 6.4-inch display.

If you want to see how the LG V40 ThinQ stacks up against other recently launched big screen phones, you can check out CNET's spec showdown here.

LG V40 packs in a bunch of cameras and a big screen

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