The LG V30 could get curves like the Galaxy S8

LG is reportedly increasing its production of curved OLED displays, and the LG V20 successor could be the next phone to get one.

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The edge-to-edge OLED screen of the Galaxy S8 may seem one-of-a-kind now, but other phones might be soon to follow.

Samsung's Korean rival LG is allegedly ramping up its production of curved OLED displays and may be planning to put one on its LG V20 successor, which speculators refer to as the LG V30 for now, according to a report by Korean outlet The Investor. Currently, Samsung Display is one of the main suppliers of curved OLED screens.

Phonemakers are gravitating to the OLED technology (also called AMOLED), which is known for high contrast between black and white, and lower power consumption, instead of LCD screens. It used to be that Samsung and Nokia were two of the only manufacturers to make OLED phones. In 2017, the Google Pixel and OnePlus 3 joined the mix. Apple will allegedly debut an OLED iPhone, if rumors are to be believed.


The LG V20 had a big screen, but no curves.

Josh Miller

Although LG Display has manufactured curved OLED panels for other phones, like the Xiaomi Mi Note 2, The Investor speculates that it may soon supply the displays to LG mobile branch, starting with the LG V30. Both the LG V20 and the LG V10 are premium phones that feature large 5.7-inch screens. A curved OLED display might help lure buyers who are drawn to the Galaxy S8's curved sides.

Other companies could also benefit from LG's rumored ramp-up into curved panels, using LG and not Samsung as their supplier.

For instance, Apple, which reportedly wants all of its iPhones to have OLED screens by 2019, may want to buy LG's OLED panels. Reports surfaced that Apple was pushing LG to get more involved with supplying OLED displays, which follows news that Apple allegedly signed two multibillion dollar deals securing these displays from Samsung.

LG did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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