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LG U300: 3G on a budget

A compact clamshell phone with 3G, stereo Bluetooth and a microSD slot. It's not the Chocolate, but at the bargain price of £90, we don't care. Plus news on 3's push-mail service

Recently LG has been hogging the limelight with its superstar mobile phone the LG Chocolate. However, it does in fact make other mobile phones and last Friday LG launched the LG U300, a budget 3G clamshell phone in a funky orange casing.

It features a rotating 1.3-megapixel camera, an expandable microSD slot with a 128MB card included and Bluetooth with stereo capability. It's not as beautiful as the Chocolate phone, but it does have a feature set and price tag that kept us smiling like Cheshire cats all the way through the press release. The phone will be available on the 3 network for £90. Bargain.

While we're on the subject of the 3 network, last week it announced it's going to provide push-mail on the Nokia E61 smart phone and Windows-based QTEK 9000 (not the LG U300 though, sniff), with more handsets to be added later.

The service will be called Mobile Office Mail and is 3's first push-mail service. It's powered by SEVEN Networks' Always-On Mail mobile email platform, which provides secure real-time access to emails, attachments, contact and calendar information. Every email is automatically 'pushed' to the handset, and any actions taken on the phone are simultaneously mirrored on the host email account.

It also looks like it will be one of the cheapest push-mail service providers around -- you'll be able to get 10MB of data for £2.50 a month and 15MB of data for £5 a month. It's aimed at businesses, but at these prices it may be cheap enough for consumers to use it as well. -AL