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LG to launch pen-enabled G3 Stylus smartphone

The takeoff on LG's G3 phone adds a stylus for people who feel more comfortable jotting, sketching, or taking notes on the 5.5-inch screen.

LG Electronics

LG is officially rolling out a new variant of its G3 phone for stylus fans.

Debuting in Brazil this week, the new LG G3 Stylus is a pen-enabled smartphone equipped with a stylus that slides right into the side of the phone. The stylus itself is made of a proprietary Rubberdium material that LG says will feel comfortable in either hand.

Users will be able to jot and sketch using LG's QuickMemo+ app, but the stylus is also compatible with a variety of third-party handwriting and drawing apps.

Also set to launch in Latin America, Central Asia, and the Commonwealth of Independent States, the G3 Style is specificially being geared toward emerging markets and will carry with it several of the features of the G3 without the premium price, according to LG.

Like the classic LG G3 , the G3 Stylus offers a slightly curved back and gradually tapered edges that LG dubs a "floating arc." The Dual Window feature lets you view and use two apps at the same time. The Smart Keyboard tries to adapt to your typing style. And the Knock Code feature lets you create a pattern on the screen to lock and unlock the phone.

Powered by a 1.3GHz quad-core processor, the G3 Stylus offers a 5.5-inch 960x540-pixel screen, 8GB of storage space, a MicroSD slot, a 13-megapixel rear camera, a removable 3,000mAh battery, and 3G network compatibility. The phone will be available in black, white, and gold.

"As a device that carries over the soul of the LG G3, we believe the G3 Stylus is perfect for consumers looking for a powerful and reasonably priced smartphone," Jong-seok Park, president and CEO of the LG Electronics Mobile Communications, said in a statement. "By offering not just a stylus experience but also the same premium user experience and design heritage of the G3, we're confident the G3 Stylus will set a new baseline for large smartphones in 3G markets."

LG said that it will reveal prices and other details when the phone actually launches in its local markets.