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LG T80: Mobile Freeview for Nordic neighbours

LG has given Denmark a sexy new MP3 player and it receives digital TV. Is this the feature British players are missing? We extend the word 'no' over two paragraphs

It's a popular opinion at Crave that South Korean company LG Electronics has made significant advances in its game over the last few years. We find its mobile phones to be as titillating as Kate Nash, and its MP3 players, while not ground-breaking, are at least stylish and touch-sensitive, also like Ms Nash. Rowr.

Lucky for our Nordic neighbours, then, that LG's giving them a new model of MP3 player to enjoy. It's called the T80 and among the what-we-expected-in-2007 -not-2008 specifications, it supports DVB-T -- the digital TV technology that Freeview is built upon. "You mean I can get Dave on my MP3 player?" Well, yes and no... but mostly no.

Why? It's probably not going to come to the UK, despite LG needing to give us an update to last year's FM37. Come on, it's no big deal. Freeview on the move would be rubbish. We've seen it implemented in a mobile phone and it was awful.

TV aside, the T80 is an okay MP3 player, with MP3, WMA, OGG and WAV support, MPEG-4 video, a full 40 hours of audio battery life and a 400x240-pixel touch-sensitive display. With only 4GB of non-expandable internal memory and just two hours of DVB-T battery life, we don't feel like we're missing this year's most crucial product.

If you're itching for your quirky usage of TV technology fix, you can see people with televisions for heads in Encoded this week. -Nate Lanxon