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LG Secret: The new Black Label phone

LG has just announced the launch of its new Black Label series handset, the LG Secret. With a touch-screen and 5-megapixel camera, this slim handset is set to be a gorgeous bit of kit

LG has just announced the latest addition to its Black Label series -- think Chocolate -- the LG Secret. It's set to be a stylish new phone developed for fashonistas who want something that looks sexy and functions, er, sexy.

It's also going to be the slimmest 5-megapixel camera phone ever made, at 11.8mm thick, with support for shooting video at 120fps into DivX format. There's also built-in photo and video editing features, including the rather alarming 'facial editing' and technology that automatically alters the lighting in a photo to produce a more enjoyable image.

Other features include a touch-sensitive glass LCD screen, Bluetooth, music playback, games, office document support and an FM radio. With a tie-in to Google products, Secret users can access Google Mail, Google Maps and YouTube videos. Exactly how this is integrated will be revealed in our man-on-the-scene Andrew Lim's full review very soon.

We'll have UK prices and availability issues for you as soon as physically possible. Be sure to watch this space. -Nate Lanxon

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