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LG said to be switching to its own smartphone chip designs

The South Korean electronics giant will unveil its first in-house effort next month at CES, the Korea Times reports.

LG-designed processors may soon be appearing in the company's smartphones.

Joining the battle to control as much of the production process as possible, LG has reportedly begun designing its own processors.

The South Korean electronics maker plans to unveil in-house designed mobile processors at the Consumer Electronics Show next month, according to the Korea Times. The company reportedly has more than 900 chip designers working on chips to be used in smartphones and Web-connected televisions.

LG is making the switch as part of Chief Executive Koo Bon-joon's focus on increased "independence and dignity," the newspaper reported. CNET has contacted LG for comment and will update this report when we learn more.

Lacking chipmaking facilities of its own, LG will farm out manufacturing to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., where the chips will be manufactured on its advanced 28-nanometer manufacturing process. LG has reportedly completed production of a chip code-named H13, which is destined for use in Web-based TVs from the company's home entertainment division.

With the strategy shift, LG joins the likes of smartphone market leaders Apple and Samsung, which have been developing their own processors instead of purchasing them from chip suppliers.