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LG Rollable phone might now be canceled after all

The company has yet to announce a specific launch date for the phone.

LG/Screenshot by Katie Collins/CNET

LG's Rollable phone is still happening, at least for now. After teasing an exciting new phone with a rollable screen at CES in January, reports emerged saying the electronics giant was considering selling off its mobile business. On Monday, a South Korean news agency reported that LG was canceling the Rollable while the smartphone branch of the company is reorganized. 

LG has since issued statements to multiple media outlets denying that the phone is canceled. In a statement to tech site Android Central, an LG spokesperson said that they "firmly deny that any such decision on future mobile products has been finalized." 

On Tuesday, LG told CNET that it's "extremely pleased" with interest in the LG Rollable, but added that a launch date for the phone hasn't yet been announced. The company appears to be standing behind the Rollable phone for now, but its statements leave wiggle room for a change of plans in the future. 

After the Rollable was teased at CES, CNET was able to confirm that it was planned for a 2021 release. After launching the LG Wing last fall, the Rollable looked to be part of a concerted effort by LG to generate buzz and break away from a pattern of conservative phone design. 

LG declined to comment on speculation around the possible sale of its phone business.