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LG reveals Mr. Big's Secret

Tapping into the Sex and the City fervour of late, LG introduced Chris "Mr. Big" Noth as the brand ambassador for its Secret phone at a Sydney launch party.

The cast of Sex and the City has a particular affinity for promoting mobile phones; six months after Kristin Davis spruiked Motorola's RAZR2 handset in Shanghai, LG has picked Chris "Mr. Big" Noth as the brand ambassador for its Secret phone.

The man best known for ripping out Carrie Bradshaw's heart and throwing it into oncoming Manhattan traffic was introduced at the phone's launch party, held on the stage of Sydney's State Theatre. Though not a gadget-savvy kind of guy, Noth said the Secret is the kind of phone Mr. Big would carry in his tailored trouser pocket. Presumably so he could send Carrie frequent texts that alternately seduce and repel.

Though the link between Sex and the City's Mr. Big and mobile electronics may seem tenuous, a phone played an important part in the series finale: the character's real name was finally revealed by way of the caller ID on Carrie's mobile.

As for Noth's ongoing relationship with LG, look out for a campaign in the next few months which, according to Carli Wilson, LG's marketing manager for mobile communications, "will tap into fashion-conscious and discerning Australians".

Check out some scenes from the party, as well as what Mr. Big has to say about the LG Secret, in our video.