LG reveals concept for its next flagship phone

Concept images showed its "raindrop" rear camera formation.

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Sean Keane

The concept's rear cameras are in a "raindrop formation."


LG on Thursday offered a hint about its future phone, with a few concept images showing a "raindrop" rear camera design and "front-back symmetrical curves"

The cameras descend in order by size, with the main lens sitting just above the surface, the other two lenses lying under the glass and the flash below them -- a different approach from the module seen in its V60 ThinQ. It's unclear where the front camera will lie, since the sketch doesn't show a notch or pop-up module.

The South Korean company also seemed to mirror Huawei's P40 with the "3D Arc Design" of its curved screen.

"Our upcoming smartphone will draw on the rich history of classic LG designs which have always been distinctive at first touch,"  Cha Yong-duk, head of LG's Mobile Communications Design Lab, said in a release. "This handset will be a first-look at the competitive edge we will be bringing to every LG smartphone going forward."

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