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LG plans October 1 event: New flagship smartphone in the works?

What does LG have as a follow-up to its G4 smartphone? We could find out early next month.

LG has something in store for October 1. LG

It's shaping up to be a busy few weeks for LG.

Korean electronics giant LG on Monday sent out invitations for an event October 1. There aren't any details besides the New York location.

The event comes just days before Microsoft plans to hold a Windows 10 event in New York, and a few days after an expected showing in San Francisco by Google, where it may show off two new Nexus devices (one of which will be built by LG).

LG could unveil the V10, a smartphone with a secondary "ticker" display, at the October 1 event.

The company has experimented with more unique designs, such as the curved and bendable G Flex phone, as it seeks to stand out from the crowd. LG launched its latest flagship phone, the G4, a few months ago.

Smartphone sales have slowed, particularly in the high end, where only Apple's iPhone has proven to be resilient. LG, as well as players such as Samsung and HTC, have seen their fortunes turn as consumers haven't felt the need to rush to buy a flashy new smartphone.