LG P7200: Twist and shoot

The LG P7200 is a slim clamshell phone similar to Motorola's V3X but with a swivel screen that makes taking photos a joy. It has a great interface but we don't like the buttons, which were designed for Stuart Little

Andrew Lim

We've finally got our hands on a LG P7200 and Crave is impressed. It's a clamshell phone that's pretty similar to the Motorola V3X, but without the 3G. This slim phone has learnt some tricks from Nokia's N90, though, and you can twist the internal 262k colour display all the way around and turn it into a full-sized viewfinder.

This is a nifty camera phone that makes taking photos very simple -- it has a 2-megapixel camera with flash, dedicated shutter button and autofocus. We particularly like the brightness and sharpness of the screen, which makes using your phone to take photos easier and less embarrassing than on other camera phones.

One problem we have with this handset is the buttons. They seem to be designed for people with extremely small fingers and it's easy to press the wrong key. But LG has elevated menu design to an art-form -- it looks great and is very easy to use. The icons are unobtrusive and straightforward, with enough space in between them to easily distinguish what they're actually supposed to be.

The phone also comes with all the trimmings, featuring Bluetooth, a flash memory card slot, an MP3 player and even some dedicated music buttons on the front of the handset. The P7200 is looking like a serious competitor to the likes of the V3X, keypad issues aside, but we need more time with it. -AL

Update: a full review of the LG P7200 is now live.