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LG Optimus G has quad-core chip, HD screen, big battery, LTE

This sleek-looking flagship phone packs Android Ice Cream Sandwich and will go global after September says LG.

You wait ages for a new LG blower and then two come along at once. Meet the LG Optimus G -- an Ice Cream Sandwich-powered quad-core flagship packing Qualcomm Snapdragon's S4 Pro chip, powered at 1.5GHz.

Under the G's roomy hood, you'll also find a quad-core Krait CPU, an Adreno 320 GPU and support for the next generation of network tech LTE 4G.

As the UK is lagging behind when it comes to implementing LTE, it's likely the Optimus G that makes it to our shores won't have LTE -- unless Everything Everywhere twists LG's arm, persuading it to make a version which will work on the forthcoming 1,800MHz network.

LG isn't say anything about what the UK should expect at this point -- beyond saying a global version of the Optimus G will launch in Korea in September "followed by other markets worldwide."

The Optimus G's Snapdragon chip is good news for gamers, as it provides support for faster frame rates, smoother play and higher-resolution displays.

Speaking of which, the Optimus G packs a 4.7-inch WXGA True HD IPS+ pane with a 15:9 aspect ratio and a retina-slicingly sharp resolution of 768x1,280 -- which equates to a pixel per inch count of 320ppi. It's not quite as pin sharp as Apple's Retina display, but it's still ample pixels to make your photos and videos look crisp and colourful. It should also be ideal for watching HD films and TV shows.

The Optimus G will also have new, thinner yet tougher LG screen tech, which the company reckons will boosts screen sharpness and visibility by minimising diffused reflections.

As if that's not enough, LG is including a 13-megapixel rear camera, which sounds impressive -- but remember there's far more to camera quality than the quantity of megapixels offered.

The phone will also pack a 2,100mAh battery, which LG says also includes new battery technology that prolongs its charging cycles -- so basically you're getting extra juice.

Other exciting features include live zooming in and out when viewing videos and a dual-screen Dual Play mode, which allows mirroring between the phone and a TV, and even allows you to display different content on each. The amusingly named Cheese Shutter mode can be used to make the phone snap a photo when it hears a pre-set voice command, and Time Catch Shot captures pictures before the shutter is pressed and allows the user to select the best of the bunch afterwards.

The phone will also include LG's QMemo software -- as seen on the LG Optimus Vu -- which lets you scrawl down notes atop a screengrab for quick sharing.

In the looks department, the Optimus G is a sleek glass beauty, according to LG -- with a smooth back that sports a polarised pattern. It's also pretty svelte at just 8.45mm thin, although at 145g, it's hardly featherlight.

There's 32GB of memory on board, while RAM is 2GB. The G also includes NFC contactless sharing technology which can be used to make swipe-to-purchase payments with the device.

Are you drooling with desire for the super powered LG Optimus G? Or are you perfectly content with your mid range 'droid? Let me know in the comments, or tell us all about it over on our Facebook page.