LG Optimus Black darkening UK as soon as next week

LG's Optimus Black will be available next week, just in time for our spectacular summer. Orange and T-Mobile are the currently confirmed UK networks.

Andy Merrett
Andy Merrett has been using mobile phones since the days when they only made voice calls. Since then he has worked his way through a huge number of Nokia, Motorola and Sony Ericsson models. Andy is a freelance writer and is not an employee of CNET.
Andy Merrett
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Another shiny Android phone is winging its way to the UK sometime next week. The slinky LG Optimus Black is set for a mid-May release, according to Pocket-lint.

Why mobile networks have to be so secretive about exact launch details is a bit of mystery, but we've gleaned that at least Orange and T-Mobile will be betting on Black. Expect other networks to follow, despite their current "no comment" stance.

As we found out in our full review earlier this week, the Black is good but not exactly top of the range, so it's no surprise Orange will offer it free on selected tariffs.

You'd expect T-Mobile to follow suit (what with it being the same company), though all we can see so far is that it's coming soon -- you don't say? -- and will be available on a tariff offering at least 300 minutes and 300 texts.

We like the Optimus Black despite it not quite living up to the hype, particularly where that super-bright display is concerned. The slightly behind the times Android 2.2 needn't be a huge problem as it will be updatable to version 2.3. It has a decent enough camera and multimedia capabilities, and if you don't compare its build quality too closely with the likes of the iPhone 4 or Incredible S, you should be happy enough.

It may not be worth stumping up £400 to buy it outright, but if you're in line for a new contract phone it's worth considering. It may still suffer in the sun, but if you're going to use it in Britain this summer you really needn't worry.

Naturally, we'll let you know when it touches down on British soil (or at least makes it to retail) and exactly where you can buy it.