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LG Optimus 3D Android phone breaks cover, but specs remain a mystery

A Dutch website appears to have leaked news of LG's next swizzy smart phone, the Optimus 3D, although with just an image and name to go on, the handset's capabilities remain open to speculation.

Schtop, schtop. This handset is not ready yet... Dutch mobile retailer ThePhoneHouse appears to have blown the gaff on a new smart phone from LG: the Optimus 3D. The site published a holding page for the phone, which was spotted by local site AllAboutPhones before it was hastily pulled down.

Alas, little information or specs were leaked, other than a picture of the handset and its name, with no release date or pricing either. In short, we know what it looks like, but we don't know what it does, when it might go on sale, or how much it might cost. On the plus side, it's safe to assume the big reveal will be at Mobile World Congress next month.

Why are we so sure? Journalists have been sent an invite to LG's press conference at MWC, Android and Me reports. It sports the Optimus logo, and bears the slogan 'Into the New Dimension' –- which matches up perfectly with the 3D mention on ThePhoneHouse.

Now tie this back into the glasses-free 3D smart-phone prototype being shown off by LG at CES earlier this month, as well as the 3D G-Slate, and you get a sense of where the Optimus 3D may be heading –- with the caveat that at the show, it was being shown off in what Engadget described as "an enormous demo box" rather than an actual handset.

Nintendo's new 3DS has been causing a stir with its tri-dimensional gaming capabilities, so could the LG Optimus 3D be next on the handheld 3D bandwagon? We're guessing watching films and playing games will be core uses if so. All eyes on MWC to see what LG has planned.

Image credit: Android and Me