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LG KS20: Windows Mobile without the bulk

It has big ol' touch-sensitive screen, push e-mail support, gloriously fast HSDPA connectivity, and divine styling.

Crave UK

LG has launched its first Windows Mobile 6 phone and, if it were a cake, all the fat people would be queueing up around the block to get their hands on not just one, but a whole box. Arms would flail, rolls of gadget-obsessed fat would bounce around and almost everyone would come away injured. And hungry. But LG won't care because it'll be too busy telling the world about this Prada-esque beaut--the KS20.

With it's big ol' touch-sensitive screen, its push e-mail support, its gloriously fast HSDPA connectivity, and its divine styling, it's not just the fat people who'll be after it. In fact, even those who dine solely on products with Apple in them may regret certain expensive and fundamentally flawed past purchases.

In addition to the wealth of features above, the KS20 has handwriting recognition, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, microSD support, TV-out, and all packed into just 95 grams of enclosure. The only major downside is the pitiful 128MB of internal memory. Would it have killed LG to throw in 1GB? Seriously!

Expect availability in the coming weeks for a price as yet unknown. Also, check back ASAP for Andrew Lim's hands-on report from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

(Source: Crave UK)