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LG GT540 on video

At Mobile World Congress Kent German captures LG's GT540 Android phone on video.

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As we told you a few days ago, LG played it cool at Mobile World Congress. Rather than operate a booth on the show floor, it just held an "Open House" event in the sleek Mies van der Rohe Pavillion adjacent to the Fira de Barcelona. The Google Android-powered LG GT540 was the star attraction and I snapped some photos for your perusal. I wanted to get video of the smartphone as well, but CNET's TV's Ariel Nunez was off chasing HTC with Bonnie Cha so I pulled out my admittedly dated Kodak V570 (my other camera, the Nikon D80, doesn't shoot video) to give it screen time myself. The V570 takes lousy photos, but it takes decent video clips.

I apologize in advance for repeating myself so much, but it was my first time improvising while holding the camera. And I would have gone back for a second time, but just as I finished, the press was promptly shown the door. Enjoy...or at least attempt to do so!