LG GT500 muscles in on the mid-range

The LG GT500 is a touchscreen phone with a 5-megapixel camera and HSDPA that won't break the bank, released this week exclusively on T-Mobile

Flora Graham

Mid-range isn't a bad thing -- our favourite size of dog, for example, is medium-sized. Small enough to be practical in the city, but big enough that we're not tempted to carry it around in a handbag and call it our baby.

The new LG GT500 touchscreen phone looks as practical as a Labradoodle, boasting a good range of features and a medium-sized price. The GT500 is exclusive to T-Mobile, and although it's still yet to make it on to its Web site, T-Mob says it will cost from free on a £25-per-month contract.

The GT500 has a 5-megapixel camera with autofocus, image stabilisation and digital zoom. It also has the same Dolby-branded sound processing as the LG Arena, along with 7.3Mbps HSDPA for speedy downloads over 3G.

There's built-in GPS and the GT500 supports tethering, so we can connect our laptop and surf over the phone's 3G connection.

It looks great in its press shots, but then so does Liza Minelli. We'll get our hands on it for a full review and see if it lives up to our moderate expectation levels.