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LG GD910 watch phone is dans la maison

Orange has launched the LG GD910 watch phone in France, putting a price on the gadget we've been dreaming of since we were kids and had no worries about battery life

The LG GD910 watch phone we've been clenching for since CES last year is finally on sale somewhere -- but sadly, that magical land is France. Orange France has the gadget -- or as we say in French, le gadget -- on its Web site for €899 (£765) on contract, or €999 (£850) on pay-as-you-go. Mon dieu!

The montre téléphone has a 36mm (1.4-inch) touchscreen on a 61 by 39mm case, and it has a bunch of features to make using a ridiculously tiny phone easier. There's voice dialling, text-to-speech, a loudspeaker, and Bluetooth in case you want to yell into the air instead of your wrist. (Frankly, if you're buying a watch phone, you're going to want to talk into your wrist. That's le point.) If you're a spitter, you'll be happy to know it's also splash-proof.

It only has two hours of talk time packed into its little battery, however, so expect to be charging it all the time. Since that means taking off your GD910, or being chained to your desk by a cable, we'd worry that this expensive watch phone could be easy to lose.

Orange tells us the GD910 will be making the trip over the Channel later this month, but the exact time and price is still under wraps -- although it's sure to be a wallet-buster.