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LG G6: 7 camera tricks you have to check out

LG's G6 flagship has a number of new camera features that'll keep you snapping, shooting and Instagramming all day.

Sarah Tew/CNET
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The LG G6 has the same dual-lens setup as its predecessor, but the camera app is packed with new features for video pros and Instagram lovers.

Tweaks to the dual camera

The G6's predecessor, the G5, had two rear cameras: a 16-megapixel standard lens and an 8-megapixel wide-angle lens. Though the G6 retains the two-camera setup, both lenses are now 13-megapixel. For its standard lens, it has the same f/1.8 aperture as the G5. Despite the change, the overall quality of my images seemed the same -- at least on the screen of the preproduction unit.

In addition, now that the G6's wide-angle sensor has been bumped from eight to 13 pixels, you can shoot 125-degree photos without sacrificing picture quality. There's still no optical image stabilization though, and it has a slightly smaller aperture of f/2.4. Check out our full gallery of shots taken with the G6.

More pixels on the G6's secondary lens help boost wide-angle shots at full resolution.

Vanessa Hand Orellana/CNET

Get wide with selfies

Selfie lovers may be sad to hear the G6's front camera is packing fewer megapixels than the G5's. But the 5-megapixel sensor goes further on this flagship with a new wide-angle option for "groupies" similar to the one on LG's V20.

Scroll through your image feed

The most important upgrades are found directly on the camera app. A new camera roll strip next to the viewfinder lets you scroll through and preview all of your shots without leaving the screen.

The gallery feed to the left lets you see images you just captured.

Lynn La/CNET

Panoramas go 360

The Mode icon now includes a new 360 Panorama Mode that allows you to take a full wraparound shots of your surroundings. You can view these as flattened images, which isn't very exciting, or in interactive 360 degrees by moving the phone, swiping on the screen or with a VR headset.

A 360 panoramic image taken on the G6.

Vanessa Hand Orellana/CNET

Hip to be Square (Camera)

Click on the Auto icon on the top left and you'll see a square format for Instagram-ready snapshots. This is the same format found on the G6's preloaded Square Camera app. The default Snapshot mode uses the top square as a viewfinder and the bottom square to preview your shot. To get more artistic, click on Mode.

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Match Shot takes side-by-side (or top-to-bottom) images. Guide Shot helps you match the composition of an existing shot for a stop-motion or catalogue effect. Lastly, Collage Mode lets you take four images in one square without having to download a third-party app. For more on the Square Camera app, check out our deep dive here.

Add a signature

From the Settings menu in the camera app, you can add a customized watermark to all your shots. First make sure the feature is turned on, then click "Add signature" to personalize. This will automatically add your watermark to subsequent shots, and it can't be erased once it's on an image.

Be a pro with video

The video camera has a few notable upgrades it borrowed from the V20. This includes a Manual mode that allows you to customize audio levels, white balance, focus, ISO and shutter speed right from the viewfinder.

To find even more manual controls, like frame and bit rate, head to the settings icon. Here you'll find a Tracking focus feature too, which locks the focus on the subject. This is perfect for action shots or subjects who just can't sit still like kids and pets.