LG G Watch discounted for Black Friday/Cyber Monday via Google Play

As the holiday shopping season moves into full swing, the tech giant offers a sweet deal on a premium Android Wear device, along with incentives on many more.

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Jumping on the Black Friday/Cyber Monday bandwagon, Google Play in the US and UK is offering a sizable discount on the LG G Watch . Beginning at 12:01 a.m. on November 28 and continuing through December 1, the LG G Watch will be available for $99 in the US and £79 in the UK, more than $100 or £80 off its regular price.

The G Watch is one of the first wave of smartwatches running Google's Android Wear software. In our full review , we were less than impressed with its battery life, but for half price it could make a fun gift for a tech fan. LG's latest wrist gadget is the G Watch R , a rather better designed effort that'll set you back a hefty £220.

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Additionally, any Android Wear device purchased through the US Google Play store will earn a $50 credit that can be used in the Apps, Books, Movies, Music and Newsstand sections of the Play Store.

In the UK, Google Play is offering £10 off the Chromecast video streamer until 5 December. That's a third off its usual (already pretty reasonable) price of £30.

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