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LG G Pro 2 could sound off with better speakers

The new smartphone will improve the audio output by 30 percent compared with its predecessor, says Korean news site ETNews.

The successor to the LG G Pro may offer a more powerful speaker.
The successor to the LG G Pro may offer a more powerful speaker.
Josh Miller/CNET

The LG G Pro 2 may add beefier speakers to its list of enhancements.

The successor to the LG G Pro will be equipped with a high-powered 1-watt speaker system, Korean news site ETNews said on Thursday. The bass will also be bassier courtesy of thicker speakers, while the sound itself promises to be clearer as well as more powerful. Overall, the audio output will be a 30 percent or more improvement over that of the LG G Pro, the site claimed.

Further, users will be able to adjust the sound level and other features via a dedicated app.

Though this piece of audio news falls in the rumor department for now, LG will enhance the camera on the G Pro 2. The Korean handset maker said on Tuesday that the 13-megapixel camera will come with optical image stabilization, a feature that aims to capture clear and sharp photos by adjusting for any shakiness on the part of the picture taker.

LG is expected to unveil the G Pro 2 at Mobile World Congress at the end of February.

(Via PhoneArena)