LG G Flex release date is 1 February, from £50

The curvaceous LG G Flex goes on sale on 1 February at Carphone Warehouse, and you can get your order in now.

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The curvaceous LG G Flex goes on sale on 1 February. LG has confirmed the bendy, flexy G Flex will be available to buy from Carphone Warehouse a week on Saturday -- and you can order it now.

Carphone Warehouse is selling the Flex with a contract from Orange, T-Mobile, O2 or 4G EE. Prices start at £49 for the phone with a whopping £59 per month on top from O2; the cheapest monthly tariff is £16.99 on Orange, which requires you to shell out £449 for the phone.

Prices for the phone on its own and SIM-free haven't been revealed yet, although with Expansys slapping on an eye-watering price tag of £690 I expect it won't be cheap at first.

Meanwhile rival network EE has had samples of the phone for you to play with in selected EE stores for the past month, but has yet to confirm when it will allow you to actually buy the thing.

The Flex phone is curved like a banana, so it curls around your face as you talk. The other curved phone making waves at the moment, the Samsung Galaxy Round, is curved horizontally to sit snugly in your palm. Interestingly the Flex actually flexes slightly, so you can press down on it -- or sit on it -- and it will give. Sit on the Round, which doesn't flex, and I predict a trip to the repair shop.

For more on the G Flex, hit play on our hands-on video:

If you want to try the Flex for yourself before it goes on sale, you can try it at one of the following EE stores:

  • London Westfield Shopping Centre, Stratford E20 1EH
  • London Westfield Shopping Centre, White City W12 7GG
  • London 155/157 Oxford Street, W1D 2JH
  • Kent Bluewater Shopping Centre, DA9 9ST
  • Nottingham 16 Clumber Street, NG1 3GA
  • Manchester The Trafford Centre, M17 8AP
  • Brighton 209-210 Western Road, BN1 2BA
  • Cambridge 40-41 Lions Yard, CB2 3NA
  • Merry Hill The Merryhill Centre, DY5 1QX
  • Sheffield Meadowhall Centre, S9 1EN

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