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LG files trademarks for GPad, G Watch, G Glass

The Korean mobile phone maker sends a signal that it could be looking to launch a wider range of gadgets, according to PocketDroid.

LG's Optimus G smartphone may be joined by other types of devices.
LG's Optimus G smartphone may be joined by other types of devices. Josh Miller/CNET

LG Electronics has filed for a series of trademarks that may point to a tablet, smartwatch, and other devices up its sleeve.

GPad, G Watch, G Glass, G Link, G Band, and G Hub are among the names trademarked by LG, according to the Korean Intellectual Property Office, as cited by blog site PocketDroid on Monday.

The letter G is used by LG to brand its premium lineup of smartphones. Among the trademarked items, GPad likely refers to a tablet, while the G Watch would be a smartwatch. G Glass could be LG's own version of high-tech specs, a la Google Glass.

G Band would be an activity monitor, speculates PocketDroid. G Hub might take a page from Samsung Hub by helping users find movies, music, apps, and other content all in one place. And G Link may offer a way to connect LG smartphones with LG TVs and other appliances.

Trademark filings don't necessarily mean that all these gadgets are in the works. But LG could be aiming to play catch up with Apple, Samsung, and others by trying to carve out a larger slice of the device market.