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LG enters Android fray with GW620

LG Electronics unveils its first Google Android phone for the European market, the LG GW620.

LG GW620
LG GW620

On Monday, LG Electronics introduced its first Google Android handset, the LG GW620, which is set to hit select European markets in Q4 2009. The Korean consumer electronics company wasn't too forthcoming with device details, but we do know that the smartphone features a 3-inch touch screen and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

It seems social networking will also play a prominent role, and LG said the GW620 will live up to the company's philosophy of making the "smartphone experience more accessible for typical users." Perhaps that means LG will add its S Class user interface (a la LG Arena) to the device?

In addition to the GW620 announcement, LG reiterated that it will unveil three new Windows Mobile smartphones in the next few weeks (the first set of Windows Mobile 6.5 devices are due to launch on October 6). Back at GSMA 2009, LG made it known that it has committed to making Windows Mobile its primary operating system for its smartphones and promised in early September, a minimum of 13 new WinMo devices over the next 16 months.