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LG trots out 5.3-inch display with almost no bezel

The HD display will likely find a home in future flagship models, such as next year's G3 successor.

LG's latest creation, the 5.3-inch Neo Edge display. LG

The face of next year's LG flagship smartphone could incorporate a bezel so slim it's barely there at all. The hardware-maker is showing off its latest creation, a 1080p HD 5.3-inch display with a .7mm (0.027-inch) border. Yes, the same thickness of a stick of lead from a mechanical pencil.

Citing a breakthrough they term Neo Edge technology, LG's new panel employs an adhesive layer that doesn't require a plastic frame around the edge. As icing on the cake, the display is also water-resistant and dust-proof.

It's not clear as to how soon we'll see one of the fancy new screens in a device, but I suspect the G3 successor would be among the first.

To be clear, LG is not the first to create an ultrathin bezel for its smartphone screens. The Sharp Aquos Crystal , already on the market, features a 5-inch 720p display with a supserslim screen design. LG's new hotness, though, is both larger and boasts a higher resolution than Sharp's. LG also claims its display is the "world's thinnest" -- for now.

Whereas the last few years saw smartphones getting larger, the next generation of nearly bezel-free phone designs could shrink the overall footprint of even large-screen phones, by trimming the material around the edges. With CES only a few months away, we could soon see similar announcements from other hardware makers as well.