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LG confirms no G Flex 2 for Australia, G4 arriving "end of June"

The lauded G Flex 2 will not be available for retail in Australia says LG, while the flagship G4 won't be on sale until the middle of 2015.

The image on the LG G4 invite. LG

LG has confirmed that the curved OLED G Flex 2 smartphone will not be made available in Australia and that the LG G4 -- the next generation of its flagship range -- will be available to purchase locally by the "end of June."

LG is launching the G4 with great fanfare , holding events in New York, London, Paris, Seoul, Singapore and Istanbul taking place on April 28 or 29, depending on time zone. The on-sale date is expected to be revealed then, so it's unclear if Australia will be getting the G4 simultaneously with other regions or if it will get a staggered release as the previous LG flagship did.

The G3 was treated to a similar six-city launch on May 28 2014 with the phone going immediately on sale in South Korea before rolling out to other countries. This release schedule saw it hit the US on July 11 , before arriving in Australia on August 4.

The previous G Flex launched in Australia at the start of 2014 for AU$999 and was a Harvey Norman exclusive. The model launched into Australia was "recommended" for the Optus network, due to it having no compatibility with the 850MHz spectrum used by telcos Telstra and Vodafone for 3G.

The G Flex 2 was a major element of LG's showing at CES in January and is available in both the US and the UK.

LG Australia was contacted about the reasons for G Flex 2 being a no-show, but had not responded by the time of publication.