LG Chocolate: The yummiest mobile

Is that a slab of Dairy Milk in your pocket, or are you just toting a new phone? LG's new handset promises all the taste of chocolate, without any of the nasty calories.

Andrew Lim

If you live in the underworld of new mobile technology and innovative handset design, you may have heard of a phone known variously as the LG-SV590, LG-KV5900, LG-LP5900 or LG-KG80, or more colloquially as the Chocolate phone.

LG launched the phone in Korea last November and sold over 1,000 handsets a day for more than 30 days. Since then almost every mobile phone blog in Blighty has been anticipating its UK launch. Who can blame them, when LG itself is hoping this touch-pad slide phone will power European sales growth in 2006.

So what's all the fuss about? It's a 15mm thick slide phone with a completely flush surface that includes a glowing red touchpad beneath the screen. This is the phone Darth Vader might use if the force was letting him down. We don't know much about the technology behind the mask, but there are rumours of a camera, a built-in MP3 player that supports the MP3, OGG and WMA formats and 512MB of internal memory.

LG says the phone is going to be launched in the UK in early May. With so many codenames flying around the Web, we can't tell you exactly what it will be called, but we like the sound of the Chocolate phone. Expect a full review when we get our sticky fingers on it. -AL

Update: a full preview of the LG Chocolate phone is now live.