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LG Chocolate BL40 video offers sneak peek at something long and shiny

A video has snuck out that purports to be the new LG Chocolate BL40, and if it's the real deal, we can't wait to get our hands on this long touchscreen beauty

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LG is keeping schtum on this video's authenticity, but we don't think LG fanbois have the wherewithal to fake this video of the new Chocolate BL40, the successor to the popular Chocolate KG800 phone. If there are, indeed, LG fanbois at all.

LG previously announced the new Chocolate is on its way in August, and it will be the fourth to bear the mantle of its Black Label Series, which included the original Chocolate -- LG's best-selling phone of all time -- and the Secret.

We've already speculated on the Chocolate's 21:9 widescreen display, and LG says the new Chocolate will be a "disruptive force in conventional mobile screens". If this video is the real thing, this phone is one stretched-out screen-a-thon. It shows a a 102mm (4-inch) touchscreen covered in scratch-proof tempered glass.

The video also features glimpses at a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, a version of LG's S-class user interface, some lovely landscape-oriented emailing and multi-touch zooming.

It also looks like we'll have Wi-Fi, 7.2Mbps HSDPA for speedy Web browsing over 3G, and GPS -- unless this video is just a product of our cake-fuelled dreams.