Lexmark goes green

Lexmark goes green

Felisa Yang Former CNET Editor
2 min read
Today, Lexmark announced a line of new laser printers it's calling "green machines"--printers that reduce their environmental footprint in a number of ways. The E series mono lasers and the C530 series of color printers all come equipped with duplexers, which allow for automatic printing on both sides of a page. This feature is not only eco-friendly, because it reduces paper waste, but it's easy on your wallet, too.

Another "green" feature of these new printers is their new printhead technology. Lexmark claims that its new laser scanning units are smaller and more energy efficient than the traditional scanning units, with fewer moving parts that need to be powered. Also, Lexmark's toner units come in two pieces: The first is just the toner, and the second piece houses the photoconductor. The largest toner cartridge Lexmark makes for the E series has a life of about 11,000 pages, but the photoconductors are good for about 20,000 pages. When your toner cartridge finally bites the dust, you can switch out only that component and keep the still-good photoconductor until it meets its demise. Again, less waste, which we like.

Finally, the E series uses Lexmark's instant warm-up fuser, which reduces the time to print to 6.5 seconds. On the other end, instant cool-down reduces the amount of power spent cooling the machine and also moves less air, which cuts down on the amount of dust and cat hair that clog your machine, resulting in a longer life for your printer.

The new E series includes three product familes: the E250d (and E250dn); the E350d(dn)/E352d(dn); and the E450d(dn). The E250d retails for $200 and prints 30 pages per minute (ppm); the network-ready version, the E250dn, retails for $250. The E350d costs $350 and prints 35ppm. The E350dn is $100 more. Finally, the $600 E450dn has a GUI and the option of an 11,000-page toner cartridge.

If you need color to brighten up your life, check out the C530 series. All three models--the C530, C532, and C534--print mono text at up to 24ppm and color at up to 22ppm. The C530dn comes standard with built-in networking and a duplexer, and retails for $500. The C532 and C534 families both have duplexing, networking, and additional paper trays as options. The dn version of each (duplexing and networked) cost $700 and $1,000, respectively.

Check back soon for full reviews of these printers.