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Let Pocket read your clipped articles aloud

The latest iOS version of the popular app includes a text-to-speech reading option.

Pocket's new text-to-speech feature is just two taps away. Read It Later, Inc.

There are few apps I prize as much as Pocket. I use the browser bookmarklet constantly to "clip" Web articles I want to read later, and the app to read those articles -- all beautifully reformatted for mobile viewing -- on my phone or tablet.

Of course, Pocket doesn't do me much good if I'm in the car, working in the kitchen or otherwise unable to hold my device and focus my eyes.

That's why this news rocks: Pocket for iOS now offers a text-to-speech option that lets you listen to your clipped stories. (Android users have enjoyed the same feature since way back in 2012. Better late than never?)

To access the option, first hit the App Store on your device and make sure to update Pocket to the latest version (5.6.7 as of this writing).

Next, run the app, open any article you want to hear, then tap the More icon (represented by three dots). Then just tap "Listen (TTS)" and the audio will start immediately. At the same time, you'll see a player toolbar with the usual Play/Pause/Shuttle buttons.

There's also a slider at the bottom that lets you adjust reading speed. I found the default speed a little fast, but one notch down was just right.

The female, Siri-like voice is a little on the robotic side -- to be expected -- but at least "she" uses the proper inflection and pauses around punctuation. It's not a perfect listening experience, but it's pretty darn good.

Indeed, this is a great way to enjoy long-form articles while you're driving or just want to give your eyes a screen break. Pocket was already awesome; now it's even better.