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New Moto phone may debut next month in Barcelona

Lenovo's invite for its annual event at Mobile World Congress hints at a new Moto phone.


Lenovo's invitation for MWC 2017.


Though the dust has barely settled from CES 2017 last week, events and invites for Mobile World Congress, the largest trade show for the mobile industry, are already rolling out. Held every year in Barcelona, MWC is often the place to see new phones from Samsung, LG and others.

Lenovo, which acquired Motorola in 2014, is also planning something for the conference, as it rolled out event invitations today. Though details are sparse, the event is scheduled for February 26, and the invite depicts a Moto phone casting a shadow in the shape of the famous Sagrada Familia church in the Spanish city.

This could be hinting at a new Moto phone, most likely a device in the the midrange G-series (since the higher-end Motos are usually announced later on in the year). It's also possible that Lenovo will showcase more Moto Mods (modular accessories that work with the Moto Z phones) due to the fact that the company is expected to release at least 12 in 2017.

CNET will be on the ground reporting from MWC 2017, so be sure to check back for all the mobile news.