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Lenovo IdeaPad A2109 now on sale at Best Buy

The 9-inch tablet comes equipped with Android 4.0 and sells for $299.


The latest effort by Lenovo in the tablet market is now available and selling for $299.99 at Best Buy. The IdeaPad A2109, not to be confused with the Lenovo IdeaTab S2109, has a smaller screen, a higher resolution (1,280x800 pixels versus the S2109's 1,024x768 pixels), and a faster CPU.

The 9-inch tablet comes with built-in 16GB memory and a 1.2GHz Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor. In addition, it's loaded with the Android 4.0 OS and has a microSD slot, a Micro-HDMI port, and a Micro-USB port.

Keep watching for more news on the IdeaPad A2109, and for a full analysis of Lenovo's previous tablet, check out CNET's review of the IdeaTab S2109 here.