Leaked image shows Nokia phone sporting 5 cameras

This phone scoffs at your measly two cameras.

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More cameras are better, right?

IT Home

Two rear cameras might be the new normal for flagship phones, but it looks like Nokia maker HMD might be looking to change that soon. 

A leaked image on IT Home shows a Nokia-branded phone with five camera lenses on the back. Lens-maker Zeiss seems to be involved in the project, too, as its name appears below one of the lenses. 

Earlier this year, Huawei released the P20 Pro phone with help from camera and lens manufacturer Leica that uses three cameras on back to produce great low-light shots among other things. 

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The additional lenses on the leaked Nokia could be used for different focal lengths to create an optical zoom of sorts similar to what startup camera company Light did with its 16-lens L16. Light is also reportedly working on a prototype phone with nine rear cameras

CNET has reached out to Nokia for comment.

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