Last-minute HTC One X+ emerge ahead of HTC event

Things look to be lining up nicely for an announcement at HTC's September 19 event.

Scott Webster
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Scott Webster
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She don't look like much, but she's got it where it counts. FCC via Engadget

With less than one week to go before HTC takes the stage in New York, additional details have sprung up for the HTC One X+ smartphone. As a refresher, this is the handset rumored to be a faster, more powerful version of the AT&T phone.

Expectations thus far put the phone as running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and featuring 1.6GHz quad-core Tegra 3 processor. Coupled with 1GB RAM and 32GB storage, the One X+ should offer consumers an updated HTC Sense 4.5 user interface.

The latest word on the street comes courtesy of HTC Source, which tells us that the One X+ will look identical to its predecessor save for it being ever so slightly thicker, likely to accommodate a higher capacity battery. The new flagship device is also tipped to come in a 16GB variant.

As for what HTC might have in store with its Sense 4.5 UI, HTC Source's insider indicates it's mostly behind the scenes. Rather than reinventing its own wheel, HTC looks to be improving the experience of its own apps. The gallery app, for instance, is said to pull images from outside sources such as Facebook and Flickr.

Perhaps as a sign of things to come, Engadget noticed that a quad-core version of the One X+ recently made its way to the FCC, which just happened to include 4G LTE support. Listed as offering connectivity to AT&T's 4G LTE network, this would be a first for U.S. consumers.

Thus far, we've not seen a quad-core CPU and 4G LTE, however Nvidia has been promising such a beast for the end of 2012. For what it's worth, there hasn't been much noise on the T-Mobile version of the One X+ as of late; however, it is reportedly still in testing.

While we certainly expect HTC to announce the One X+ at its September 19 press event, this doesn't mean the phone will be immediately available for order. HTC Source advises that that phone(s) may not be ready for retail until mid-October at the earliest. But whatever happens, CNET will be on hand to bring you the full story.