"Last minute" 3G iPhone size changes: "thinner and shorter"

"Last minute" 3G iPhone size changes: "thinner and shorter"

Ben Wilson
2 min read

With 3G iPhone rumors reaching an almost ludicrous fever pitch, speculation on device size has become a point of contention. First, Griffin Technology allegedly began a production run of cases purportedly revealing dimensions for the forthcoming device, as well as the placement of new components such as a front-facing camera.

Now the same site, iDealsChina, that broke the news of Griffin's case design claims that the 3G iPhone's dimensions have "changed," becoming "thinner and shorter." The site's author states:

"We checked the thickness and width of Griffin's mold and found the length is 2.0mm and the thickness is 0.5mm less than the dimensions of the current iPhone 3g mold. If the new numbers are correct, companies such as Griffin, which has invested a considerable amount of time and money to be first in the market, will be stuck with 10's of thousands of silicone cases that won?t properly fit the new iPhone 3G."

To reiterate our prior guidance: there should be circumspection regarding any photos originating from third-party case manufacturers. Even prominent accessory vendors generally do not receive advance prototypes of any future-release iPod or iPhone models. Instead, case manufacturers, for the most part, actually read rumors regarding forthcoming models, analyze the possibilities and subsequently draft mock-ups or create actual sample products based on potential outcomes. Some manufacturers go so far as to run production with east Asian manufacturers based on projected designs. As such, any photos of the 3G iPhone supposedly based on case manufacturer designs should be treated with suspicion.

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