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Laptop screens grow bigger and wider

Laptop screens grow bigger and wider

An IDC report (via News.com) says wide-screen laptop sales will overtake the sales of laptops with standard-aspect displays sometime in 2006.

That's hardly news to us--I'd estimate that about half of the laptops Michelle and I have seen this year have had wide-aspect displays. And having worked on such laptops, both at work and at home, for more than a year now, I'm telling you: Wide-screen is the only way to fly, man. Yes, the movies look better in letterbox format, but it's being able to work with two (or more) windows side-by-side that really seals the deal.

Notable quote: "While IDC is expecting a larger price difference between standard-size and wide-screen notebooks in the 14-inch category, prices should even out next year as demand for wide-screen notebooks takes off and computer makers transition from 14-inch, 15-inch, and 17-inch displays to the larger sizes, [IDC analyst Richard] Shim said."

Aside from a brief mention of Samsung's 19-inch behemoth, which we blogged back in August, the News.com article also suggests that Dell and LG Philips could easily bring out larger laptop displays in the future. Forget about incremental boosts in processor speed, double-layer DVD burners, and memory-card readers. We want those bigger screens ASAP.