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Kyocera unveils the Mako S4000

The new Kyocera Mako S4000 has a simple design and midrange features.

Kyocera's new Mako (pronounced like the auto bodyshop) S4000 is one of three new handsets that the manufacturer introduced today at CTIA. It has a simple design with a thin profile (0.67 inches) and a decent set of midrange features. The basic black exterior shows a color external display that sits above a small speaker which features a retro mesh design. It's a unique touch, and Kyocera mentioned that the speaker won praises during the Mako's user testing.

Inside you'll find a 262,000-color display with a shiny silver keypad and navigation controls. The controls are flush with the surface of the phone but they seem pretty user-friendly.

Kyocera Mako S4000 Kyocera

Features include Bluetooth, text and multimedia messaging, voice commands, a speakerphone, basic organizer features, Bluetooth (version 1.2), instant messaging, and a WAP Web browser. The VGA camera is a little disappointing considering just how common megapixel shooters are these days, but as long as it takes decent shots then we'll let it pass for now. We also thought that the 250-contact phone book was a bit small, though we imagine that high-powered users with lots of friends would gravitate toward a smartphone, anyway.

There's no word on pricing or when the CDMA handset will make it to a carrier. But consider it supports BREW instead of Java, Verizon Wireless is a distinct possibility.