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Krell KID iPod dock: £1,300... for an iPod dock

Krell is bringing the world's most expensive iPod dock to the UK, and it'll cost you as much as a small car or a large donkey

Do you want to see an iPod dock that costs as much as a car?

Well, Krell has made one. No, not Krell the natives of Altair IV in Forbidden Planet; Krell, the company, which makes unfathomably high-end audio gear in those United States we keep hearing about, and it's bringing its £1,300 iPod dock to the U of K.

To put this into context, Krell makes a hi-fi amplifier that costs as much as a small house in the country (if the country is Wales) -- about $120,000, though goodness only knows how much that'll be over here.

The Krell KID iPod Dock hits our shores this month for the not-so-affordable price mentioned just a moment ago. We're sure you've not forgotten it. The promise is that you're going to get the sweetest possible sound from your iPod. Krell says, this is "the first product of its kind to utilise the fully differential output of the internal DAC for iPod devices". So it'll probably blow your mind more than the first time you saw that scene in When Harry Met Sally.

The mind boggles at how it must feel to put a £100 iPod into a £1,300 dock, but we'll find out at some point. Safe to say if you're not using lossless audio on that iPod, you're wasting money better spent on a perfectly good second-hand car. Or a pimped-out donkey that's just had its saddle upgraded and its legs lowered.

But if the thought of owning the world's most expensive iPod dock fills you with feverish excitement, hit up your local hi-fi dealer and tell him you're ready to sneeze fifties into his nearest till. -Nate Lanxon