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Klipsch Custom-3 earphones: High-end sound isolators

When we heard Klipsch was releasing three new high-end models, we got all tingly. These are set to compete with Shure and Denon offerings, but with prices starting at £99 it'll be interesting

When you think of earphones, you might think of Sennheiser, Etymotic or Shure. The name that won't immediately jump out at you like a lame plastic corpse on a ghost train is Klipsch. Quite justified you'd be too -- Klipsch is best known for its loudspeakers. But there are three pairs of sound-isolating earphones hitting the market from the company, starting with the Custom-1, going up to the Custom-2 and -- would you Adam and Eve it? -- the Custom-3.

As sound-isolators, they'll let you keep the volume of your music player down by blocking out external noise. All three models offer this handy feature, but the ones we're most interested in are the Custom-3s. The top model incorporates two drivers: a woofer and a separate tweeter. This is much like the Shure SE420s, another great pair of sound-isolators, but one woofer less than the flagship SE530s.

Klipsch claims you'll get double-plus comfort and the "'live on stage' euphoria only Klipsch can provide". Well, we'll see -- there's some stellar competition out there in the high-end sound-isolator world. We'll be getting all three models in for full reviews within the next week, so check back for our first 'ears-on' report.

If you want to shell out some pounds beforehand, you'll be looking at about £200 for the Custom-3s, £150 for the Custom-2s and around £100 for the Custom-1s. All three models are on sale now and we must admit we're very excited to hear our first Klipsch earphone. -Nate Lanxon

Update: Read our full Klipsch Custom-3 earphones review