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Watch kids try to use a public pay phone -- and fail

Tech-savvy children can't figure out how to make a call on a public phone in the latest "Kids React" video from Fine Brothers Entertainment.

Nothing will make you feel older than talking to someone who has never used, or even heard of, a public phone.

In the latest "Kids React" video by Fine Brothers Entertainment, kids are challenged to use a traditional pay phone with hilarious results. 

"Beyond being upset there are no apps and games, and calling the pound button a hashtag, there seemed to be wonder, confusion, disgust and happiness to live today where you don't have to memorize phone numbers," Benny Fine said.

Some of the video highlights include the kids complaining about the short cord attached to the phone; being confused about not being able to text; making fun of the device for having actual buttons; and perplexed that people had to physically go somewhere to make a phone call.