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Just Mobile offers cheap calls with no flagfall

Just Mobile may be the new kid on the block, but its calls are definitely cheap enough to raise a few eyebrows.

Just Mobile joins Woolworths in the race to attract Australians to low-cost prepaid mobile plans, bettering the offer made by the shopping giant by dropping the flagfall cost usually associated with mobile phone calls.

(Credit: Just Mobile)

Just 15 is the name of the prepaid plan offered by the new company, reflecting its 15-cent pricing strategy; 15-cent per 30-second calls, and 15-cent text messages, with calls billed in per second blocks. This matches Woolworths' prepaid deal, but, unlike Just Mobile, Woolworths will also charge a flat 15-cent flagfall rate for every call connection. Just Mobile also gives its customers a longer period to use all credit added to their accounts: 180 days as opposed to Woolworths' 100-day expiry period.

Just Mobile's Paul McFadden believes this no-frills approach to mobile plans responds to the needs of customers looking for simplicity when choosing a mobile service.

"Across virtually all retail sectors around the world, we are seeing shifts in consumer sentiment away from sophistication to simpler and more transparent products, placing greater control in the hands of the consumer," said McFadden in a statement.

Customers will access Just Mobile service via the Vodafone network. The service is a 2G service only, with data transfers limited to GPRS data speeds. Customers who access GPRS services should be aware that data will be billed at AU$1 per five minutes, with a minimum data session being five minutes.